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Rita Division empowers hotels by creating a single worldwide hotels umbrella. 

We believe that no hotel should pay more than 5% commission to OTAs and we invite you to get in touch to know more. Order your spot on Rita's Website and App for 299€ and the commission would be 3% instead of 5% forever... No other fee would apply


Engaging/Chatting Engine

Reserve your engaging/chatting engine built on Artificial Intelligence and have the chance to customise the features during the development. Order your subscription for only 199€ and the commission would be 1,5% instead of 3% forever... No other fee would apply.


Reseller Rita

Order your Reseller Agreement with 40% commission for only 299€ (Normal commission for resellers without funding would be 20%)


Influence and make money

Hotels/Influencers - Influence users to register in Rita App/Website and you would get 0,10% from any reservation made by that user during lifetime.

If you prefer not to participate with funding please Sign Up so we can get in touch once the technology is ready. 


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RitaDivision is a company from Constanta, Romania

+40 722 102 109