Making the product: Version 1.0 and Drafting

Vision without action is merely a dream.

We may be wrong because we haven’t built any PowerPoint presentation, no forecasting or business plan. We have a vision and we like to think that we have well organized in our heads the baby steps to be taken to the way there but necessary adjustments will occur, while the vision will remain the same.

On the way to the success any small detail can make a huge difference and when it comes to doing whatever it takes to make a product, an entrepreneur needs to find the optimal balance between how fast to launch the product and how advanced to be. An entrepreneur needs to prioritize certain features over others in order to launch the version 1.0 of the product.

"If companies waited to completely perfect a product before releasing it, they would never get anything out. It's OK if your 1.0 release is a little rough around the edges, so long as it still creates value for customers. Of course, this doesn't apply if you're developing medical equipment." – Guy Kawasaki

This being said, we truly focused on making the product and it was our turn to prioritize certain features and it took us a couple of weeks but we finally agreed and ended up creating the pencil drafts of the product’s back and front end. We had around 60 drawings from which we are only going to share a few here:

Next week we’ll share with you the next step we took towards making it happen.

Team at Rita Division

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